How to Donate

Without the generosity of others, we would not exist.  We are a non profit organization that does not receive any funding from the clinic or "big name" prochoice groups.  We depend on individuals and like minded allies who want to make a difference in the lives of women. Click here to donate through our online … Continue reading How to Donate

40 Days of Compassion

Join us for 40 Days of Compassion as we help those in need in our community. For the first 10 days of our 40 Days of Compassion campaign (March 1 - March 10), we are helping the women who are incarcerated at Julia Tutwiler Prison in Wetumpka, Alabama.  Did you know that the Alabama DOC … Continue reading 40 Days of Compassion


The following bills are up for committee hearings (some with PUBLIC HEARINGS) on Wednesday, 2/22. Check to see if any of these are ones you want to attend. House: SB21 - Would make certain reading glasses prescription only! Will affect poor & elderly. HB2 - Would impose more work requirements for SNAP benefits when the … Continue reading ***LEGISLATIVE ALERT!*** ATTN: LGBT & OTHERS

POWER to the People: Postcards Against Proposal 16 Campaign (March 8)

Join our Facebook event!  POWER to the People: Postcards Against Proposal 16  For International Women's Day/Women's March Strike Day (March 8, 2017), join us in mailing postcards to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley telling him you are AGAINST "Proposal 16", an anti-choice effort to ban abortion in the State of Alabama (which is blantantly unconstitutuional) using … Continue reading POWER to the People: Postcards Against Proposal 16 Campaign (March 8)