Speak for the Week – Week Ending October 6, 2017

It’s Speak for the Week – Week Ending October 6, 2017!

Our 40 Days of Compassion charity drive is in full swing! Family Sunshine Center is the first recipient.  They are in need to outgrown, gently used Halloween costumes or costume pieces (the odd wig, hat, feather, boa…you get the picture)that can be put together to make for infants through teens. A donation box is on the porch of the POWER House. Even though Family Sunshine Center will be our spotlight charity for just one week, we will accept donations through October 13.

Beginning next week, we will be collecting snacks for the patients at Reproductive Health Services. Often on procedure days women forget that is ok eat before coming in. Since many arrive at 5am, they are starving by the time they leave. A pack of crackers, trail mix, or the like would be greatly appreciated.

This coming Tuesday will be week four of our personal safety course. Last week was a lot of fun. We got a little more hands on and learned some valuable moves to help safely get out of a bad situation. If you missed the previous weeks and would like to come, we will be happy to get you caught up. Things kick off around 6pm and are held at the POWER House. The classes are FREE, but donations are always appreciated. As with all POWER House events, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any person for any reason.

During this past week, Mia and Melissa met with representatives of several organizations to discuss plans for an exciting new project. We are extremely excited and expect it to go nationwide. Keep watching. We will post details as they develop.

As always, we deeply appreciate your support whether it’s a kind message, participating in our events, or your donations. Thank you!




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