Alabama Wannabe Politician’s Mouth Opens, Lies Fly Out

“Lying for Jesus”.

That’s what we clinic escorts call it when the so-called “sidewalk counselors” (aka anti-abortion protesters) lie to patients attempting to enter the clinic, to us, or anyone, really.

At times, it’s what they do best.

Today, they did it again.

Sam McLure of Proposal 16 announced he will be running for Alabama Attorney General on Monday.  Today, there was an article in the Alabama Political Reporter (full disclosure: where McLure is also a columnist) in which he said the following:

“I cut my teeth in the Pro-Life movement in Montgomery. A friend introduced me to sidewalk counseling at Montgomery’s abortion mill,” said McLure. “It’s just a few blocks from the Governor’s mansion. You can’t un-see what you see there.”

Pardon us while we laugh hysterically at this utter, outright LIE.

You see, Mr. McLure has only been outside of Montgomery’s abortion clinic TWICE during it’s operating hours.  Both of those times were in June of 2017.

The first time was on June 15, 2017, when he, Paul Abbott II, and another unidentified individual came to the clinic & POWER House to record a live video.  Here is a screenshot from their live video on their Facebook page (no links given to them here):

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 6.04.54 PM

In addition, here are more pictures.  The first was taken from inside the clinic, the second is Mr. McLure in front of the POWER House/clinic, and the last one is his vehicle leaving, taken from the front porch of the POWER House:

None of these photos have been edited – EXIF data is intact.  He was here for about an hour, the most an hour and 15 minutes.  He did not talk to ANY patients that day.

The second time he was at the Montgomery clinic was on June 23, 2017.  It was late on clinic day (procedure day), around 11:30AM when he arrived.  Most patients had already left.  And as same as the first time, he did not speak to any patients.  He left with our regular protester, David Day, at approximately 1PM.  Here is a screen shot of the day he was here from the Proposal 16 Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 6.03.42 PM

The only other times that McLure or his Proposal 16 & Apologia Radio lackeys have been to the clinic in Montgomery were during the weekends, when absolutely nobody was around (except the security cameras).  They were caught on said cameras looking like they were casing the clinic and POWER House with video cameras, excessive pointing and walking the property lines.

We would not call ANY of these visits “cut(ting) my teeth in the Pro-Life movement in Montgomery”.  Not by a very long shot.

Don’t believe us?

Go look at his personal Facebook page for yourself (again, no linking to it here, do a search).  Any rabid anti-abortion protester has TONS of pictures of themselves, clinic escorts, and sometimes even patients on their Facebook page going back for years.  They are like badges of honor for them.  You will find that until he dreamed up this ridiculous Proposal 16 scam, there are no pictures from outside clinics anywhere, much less in Montgomery.

Go look at the pictures on the POWER House Facebook page.  See him anywhere?  NOPE.

The POWER House has existed for two years.  Until June, we had never, ever seen him on the sidewalk.  Mia has been volunteer escorting for four years and never saw him.  She has also been doing advocacy at the State House for seven years and never saw him at any public hearings or debates about abortion bills until 2017.  However; we did see him at Roy Moore related shenanigans since he pulled his latest hate-filled stunt that got him kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court.

Oh, and by the way, McLure is vehemently anti-LGBTQ+.  (You can see him testifying against LGBT couples being able to adopt on our Live videos from the Alabama State House on our Facebook page as well.)

We know that Mr. McLure will claim we are lying.  We are quite used to being accused of things that are not true.  We’ve provided the evidence, you make the decision.

We do know this…we don’t think Jesus approves of lying.  And we certainly know that Alabama doesn’t deserve yet another liar in public office.





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