Gov. Ivey considering an executive amendment to a HB 24

“HB 24 passed by the Alabama Legislature this week that would give faith-based adoption agencies the right to deny services to same-sex couples…

Ivey is considering a relatively minor change to the bill, however, applying an executive amendment to the bill would send it back to the Legislature for another round of votes, where it could get lost in the chaos as the end of the 2017 legislative session looms.

This week The House gave final passage to the bill, sponsored by Rep. Rich Wingo, (R-Tuscaloosa) that would allow private faith-based adoption agencies to refuse to place children into the homes of same-sex couples “if it goes against their religious convictions”.

The Senate passed the bill last week with an amendment: HB 24’s protections would not apply to the Alabama Department of Human Resources or agencies that receive state or federal funding.

Both previous iterations of the “Child Placing Agency Inclusion Act” failed to pass the Legislature.”

See the full article at:

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