ACTION ALERT: Discriminatory LGBTQ* Bill ALSO up in the House on Thursday, March 16

In addition to the Alabama Legislature attacking women’s constitutional rights, they will also be debating HB24, which would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ* people with no consequences on Thursday, March 16, 2017.  This kind of legislation is not who we are as Alabamians, and we cannot stand for hate in our state.  From HRC: “Tomorrow has been dubbed “pro-life day” in the House, and H.B. 24 is 4th on the agenda for House business tomorrow. Speaker Mac McCutcheon has said that the they will not recess for spring break tomorrow until all legislation on the agenda has been passed.”

Contact your Alabama House Representative NOW and tell them that you are against this bill.  SHOW UP on Thursday morning at the Alabama State House to hold them accountable for their vote!  THEY WILL CONVENE AT 9:30AM.

We need everyone who is available to show up in the House gallery.  Wear your rainbow finest or HRC gear.  The POWER House will be open all day to offer a much needed respite from State House Shenanigans with snacks & bottled water.  We’re just a few blocks from the Alabama Legislature (near the Governor’s Mansion), here’s a handy map from the State House.  

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