The following bills are up for committee hearings (some with PUBLIC HEARINGS) on Wednesday, 2/22. Check to see if any of these are ones you want to attend.

SB21 – Would make certain reading glasses prescription only! Will affect poor & elderly.
HB2 – Would impose more work requirements for SNAP benefits when the beneficiary has no dependents.
HB186 – Would allow people with “religious exemptions” to not have to produce picture ID to vote.
HB36 – Would authorize Briarwood Presbyterian Church to have their own police force.


SB20 – Would do away with marriage licenses so AL wouldn’t have to give one to an LGBT couple. Contracts would have to be filed with the local probate office.
SB77 – Would allow for early voting in AL (currently there is no mechanism for this other than absentee ballots).
SB190 – Would notify absentee ballot holders of their vote not being counted for errors or a defective ballot.
SB188 – Cuts employment from 26 weeks to 14.
SB194 – More cuts/restrictions on SNAP/TANF benefits.
SB63 – Allows students to use sunscreen at school without the supervision of a nurse or prescription needed.
SB145 – SAME AS HB24 – would allow agencies to discriminate against LGBT couples (and others, Muslims, non-Chrisitans, ect) wishing to adopt or foster children.
SB124 – Allows anyone to appeal a zoning board ruling to the Circuit Court of their county. We are highly suspect of this bill because the anti-choicers tried to do this to prevent the Huntsville abortion clinic from reopening after having to move due to TRAP laws imposed by the AL Legislature.

You can find the times & room numbers these will have hearings for by going to the ALISON site and looking under Standing Committee Hearings for the House AND Senate under the Committees tab.

These are just the bills that we are tracking, others up for hearings may interest you as well. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Do not trust us or anyone else to stand in for you as we cannot be everywhere at once. Now is the time to call your Reps & Senators and tell them how you feel about these proposed bills.

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